Slim LED Light Boxes

Custom Made Modern & Practical Slim LED Light Boxes

Sign Innovative manufacture custom made slimline LED light boxes that are environmentally friendly and use much less power than traditional slim light boxes. We integrate Turkish technologies into our product design and are able to achieve successful product functionality and end results.

LED lighting are today's preferred choice for illumination because they deliver longer life span and maintenance free operation. Our light box displays are edge-lit and are illuminated by LED light source. Using our edge-lighting technique, we achieve brighter illumination at low power consumption in comparison to any back-lit light box. These are key advantages of our light boxes.

We have manufacturing capability to produce custom size LED lightboxes to suit your advertising space. The aesthetic slimline design is only 20 - 50mm thick depending on the application criteria. The slim build makes for an ideal product to incorporate into any interior and exterior design concept. Whatever your light box sign requirement may be, we can offer a suitable illuminated light box or signage solution.

The constructions of our LED light box displays are robust and yet aesthetic. They offer the advantage of indoor and outdoor installation capability. We use the latest technology and improvements in LED lighting in all our lightboxes. The unique customisable fixing points and power cord exit position provides great flexibility during installation.

Flat Panel LED Light Boxes 

FP-25 Indoor PDF
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FP-25 Outdoor PDF
FP-25 Hinged Outdoor PDF
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Outdoor Sign Light Boxes

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We custom build  LED light boxes! Please  send us your enquiry for any specific size

OUTDOOR & INDOOR Flat Panel 25 LED Light Box Poster Displays

Key features of our Flat Panel-25 LED Light Box Poster Displays are:

  • Robust and yet aesthetic slimline construction at only 25mm thickness.
  • We specialise in custom size light boxes and of course supply standard poster sizes.
  • The Flat Panel 25 Indoor with Suction Cup Access are dust-proof and tamper-proof.
  • The Flat Panel 25 Outdoor with Hinged Cover & Key Tool Access version is durable against outdoor weather conditions. They are waterproof against rain, dust-proof and tamper-proof.
  • Flat Panel front cover design across the entire face of the unit.
  • Front Covers are clear acrylic plastic. Poly-carbonate front covers are optional for applications that require extra durability.
  • Easy replacement of prints. Magnetic film holders on the inside of the front cover enable easy and quick graphic replacement.
  • LED light source using Edge-lit light dispersion technique.
  • Single and double sided units.
  • Standard frame colours are Black and Silver. White is optional. Custom colours can be made to order.

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