Led Light Boxes

Energy Efficient LED Light Boxes For All Your Poster Displays


If you’re looking for slimline led light boxes in Sydney, you can’t go past Sign Innovative. Our company manufactures LED Light Panel displays (slim LED light boxes) that are environmentally friendly and use much less power than traditional slim light boxes. The light panel displays are edge lit and are illuminated by LED light source, which are today’s preferred choice for illumination due to environmental effects and rising electricity costs. Our LED light panel displays provide the perfect backlit poster display solution. The aesthetic slimline design of our Flat Panel Display is only 20 - 25mm thick, making it an ideal product to incorporate into any interior design.


The constructions of our LED light panel displays are robust and yet aesthetic pleasing to the eye. They offer the advantage of a number of installation methods such as suspending, wall mounting, recessing and installing using cable suspending systems. Our light panel displays are recognised by architects and designers; and are commonly used in: retail stores, restaurants, front counters, wall décor light panels, showrooms, exhibitions, pubs, club, cinemas, hotels and shopping malls. Some of the key features of our flat panel poster display units includes: robust and durable, resistant to outdoor weather conditions, easy replacement of prints and can be used as either portrait or landscape orientation.


For more information on led light boxes in Sydney, contact Sign Innovative today on (02) 9636 6001 or send an email to sales@signinnovative.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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