BladePRO Double Sided Projecting LED Light Panel / Light Box

  • Only 16mm thickness LED slim blade sign
  • Suitable for indoor use due to aesthetics & outdoor due to integrity
  • Irregular shapes are possible to create
  • Dimesnions of up to 1200mm diameter

Borderless Flat Panel-25 LED Panel Light Box

  • 25mm thick panel
  • Indoor / outdoor capability
  • Custom sizes

Under Awning Slim LED Light Box

Flat Panel Illuminated Sign

3D Illuminated Acrylic Signage

  • Indoor / outdoor capability
  • Illuminated Reception Signage
  • Illuminated Business Identification Signage

Practical shop front LED light box sign

Therapie WA Tom price

Circular Flat Panel-25 Slim LED Light Box

  • Borderless
  • Wall mountable
  • Outdoor installation